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Give your dad a Father's Day gift and memory he will love!


Dad's Game is your chance to talk to your dad about his life. It's a unique and personal gift that can be created and ordered in minutes. Learning more about your dad has never been this easy and fun!

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Order dad a game for Father's Day!

Create A Memory With Dad


Create A Memory With Dad

Each game is custom made for your Dad. Choose and Upload a special photo and use our questions or create your own questions about your Dad's life.


Step 1

Personalize the game board with your family photo. Edit any questions or use ours.


Step 2

Review your design and securely checkout


Step 3

We print it, ship it, and you give Dad the BEST gift ever!


our story

When I was 12 years old, I created the Dad's Game for my dad's birthday. While I was brainstorming what to get my Dad for his birthday, I realized he would love a game! I thought, not a board game but instead a game where Dad gets to talk to me about his life and memories!

our story drawing

So, I came up with a bunch of questions about him that would help make a great birthday experience for my dad. I then created a game concept where me and my brother along with my mom could ask questions about his life. Lastly, I drew a game board where every space was a question someone got to ask! I added a die and some board game chips to complete the gift! My dad loved the gift and we spent time together talking about his life.

My dad kept thinking about the game and talking to me about how he thought it was something that deserved to be shared with other families! So, with my Dad's help, we built the Dad's Game to be a personalized way to connect you with your dad. We think the game you create here will give you a lifetime memory and your dad will love it!

About the Dad's Game:

The Dad's Game includes a personalized printed game board that can be framed, 6 player pieces, and a die. It's made in Cincinnati, Ohio and printed on an environmentally friendly and easy to display in a frame or keep to play again on special occasions.

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