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When is Father's Day this year?

Shopping for dads is hard.  Father's Day falls on Sunday June 21 this year and will arrive sooner than we think.  It's been anything but a normal year for many families and loved dads as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are shopping tips to find a Father's Day gift for your dad:

Personalized Gifts:  Your dad really only wants the greatest gift you can give to him: time.  Find a way to spend time with your dad.  Most dad's will say they don't need much.  Some dad's don't talk about themselves or their past much.  If you really want to connect with your dad we recommend ordering the Dad's Game.  It's an inexpensive personalized gift that will create meaningful memories.  But there are other ways to honor your dad such as engraving or custom printed apparal, golf bag, hat or bag.  Your dad wants to be unique at least to you and however you honor him we are sure he will appreciate it.  

Budget:  It really is the thought that counts.  Don't spend more than you can afford and invest in experiences that involve time with your dad.  You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to do that.  Finding ways to spend time with your dad on things he likes to do is a good way to avoid buying another gift card to the hardware store.